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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. san jose police are looking for multiple suspects, i will bring you the latest coming up. and we need some rain and we have a chance, yes, we have a chance late tonight and tomorrow, let's get to the morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 news. good morning, thank you for waking up with us, it is monday february 6th. i am pam cook. >> good morning i am dave clark, let's go to steve paulsen who knows all about our forecast. we have low clouds, not sold out yet, temperatures 30s
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40s and 50s and it will not take long to get to some clouds and we have rain light tonight and tomorrow. breezy conditions and mid-to- upper 60s, here is sal. getting out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems, morning commute is looking good approaching the bay bridge, that traffic is fine. there is roadway flooding, some cars are already high row plained in this area and i think you should use 101 instead. let's go back to the desk. it was a violent weekend, eight people were shot in one 12 hour period and right now oakland police are on the scene of a deadly gunfire that
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happened just hours ago. tara moriarty has the latest on this story, tara? >> reporter: the past 14 hours has been hectic and we are here at the latest shooting in international boulevard and a half way down the street is where police were. they are just getting ready to leave and it's in front of a home they surrounded at 1:30 this morning. with guns drawn, they are only calling him a person of interest at this point. witnesses say a man shot him in the stomach and we have just been told police are clearing the scene at the moment and they were going to be sifting through some homes and we believe some of these houses may be abandonedden and it looks as if they are taking off. it happened in west oakland and
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they say they have had it with the violence. >> you are spending more time on this occupied stuff instead of trying to help these kids out here. >> reporter: police say six people were shot all are expected to survive, another man was shot on telegraph also with non-life threatening injuries, and investigators have been quite busy and they are clearing at 83 and international. a lot of people are working on this case and we will let you know what happened. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. they are holding another day of action in downtown oakland. they gathered at frank ogawa plaza to discuss details of today's demonstration which starts at 8:30 this morning at the county courthouse. another rally there follow at frank ogawa plaza and that's where some of the 400 people or
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rested during last saturday's occupied protest are set to be arraigned. they did hold an area. officers followed them and they say there are no reports of violence or any vandalism. san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting this morning. paul chambers is there at the scene and there is still police activity at this hour, paul? >> reporter: good morning, dave they are going into their 8th hour and there is more than a dozen police cars and officers are still working in that area. that complex is totally roped off. this is what we do know right now. around 1015, shots were fired in the area of 4300 blackford avenue. it appears as though the
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shooting happened in the apartment complex. a man was shot in the rear of the area. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries and his identity is being withheld as police are notifying his family. they are looking for multiple people involved in the shooting and those involved ran in separate directions. at this time, officers do not have a motive and crime stoppers is offering a reward. if you know anything about it, we have not had an officer to give us additional information. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. in santa rosa, another homicide is being investigated. police rush to a shooting near east street just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. carol marie brooks was found with a gunshot wound and she later died at the hospital.
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they saw a man driving off in a silver car. no arrested have been made. it came to a heartbreaking finish for the superstar quarterback from san mateo... [crowd noise] >> well, tom brady let his final pass fly towards the end zone hoping for an incredible finish. he sailed to find a receiver and they fined him 21-17. >> you win as a teen and lose as a team. hopefully, we will be back. they were trying match terry bradshaw with four super bowl titles but it was eli manning named the super bowl mvp.
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he led a touchdown in the final minutes of the game putting his team ahead. if you missed it, it came during her performance. they have already issued an apology coming up 615. they escaped to move to anaheim but seattle's mayors are working with a san francisco team. documents object taped include a meal for the efforts to keep the kings. sacramento is facing a march deadline to come up with a proposal for a new arena. >> everybody wants to move and everybody wants a new place to play, sal. >> that is why it was so huge
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because -- >> let's go out and take a look at the commute, westbound traffic nothing major but getting into the city, one guy has a really bright light on and it looks like a ufo down there, but anyway, this is away bridge toll plaza. and in oakland's fruit district, right now you can see a smaller river, a river is gushing through and it looks like they are making some progress now. now the water has not damaged any homes so far. crews have been on the scene working for several hours cleaning up the mess and you can see they are still doing it here and they will be here for self more hours and they do have part of the -- for several more hours and they do have
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part of the problem solved. this is a look at interstate 880 and the traffic is moving well in both directions. roadway flooding, 280 at farm hill road, so use 101 instead. happy monday morning from the rain system right there, let's see, there are some breaks in the clouds and we are not completely sold out and the lows are all over the place. clouds are increasing and we'll see a cloudy to mostly cloudy day. clouds are fair, 36 to 52 and there is a big spread. we will be cloudy and breezy out of the southeast and temperatures will be mild in advance of this system which is coming up from the west southwest so it is not a cold system, it is a mild system and
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if it holds together, if you don't have arraign year you have to cross your fingers and tows. the wind will be picking up and it looks like the system will split but not until it moves past us. north bay locations some of of the coast -- some of the coastal hills and if you commute and leave the house, it is not bad. low 40s and concord, fairfield upper 30s and there is a north wind at 13 miles per hour. if you combine them, it is a chill in the air but it is indicated out towards stockton as well. it is a very mild warm direction, let's hope it stays on track and i think it will. a little windy with higher and
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lower elevations. maybe towards gilroy, redwood city, palo alto, all 60s to milpitas, san mateo half-moon bay 62, clouds increase rain into tuesday clearing out wednesday and thursday friday warmer, weekend partly cloudy skies. and we will tell you the weapon being used to damage cars. new polls show a shift in the race for the white house. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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. a new poll shows president barack obama leads mitt romney by 51 to 40%. the economy is boosting the president's numbers along with some voters' concerns with mitt romney'sability to connect with average americans. there are four nominating contests and mitt romney is hoping for a clean sweep, allison? >> reporter: pam, that's right
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and the vote was finished three days after the caucuses. mitt romney finished with more than 50% of the vote, newt gingrich second, rand paul third and rick santorum 4th. mitt romney is looking to take colorado maine and minnesota and rick santorum is up by 2 points in minnesota and he is promising more surprises. >> i think this race is moving again in a very different direction. >> reporter: meanwhile rand paul has a report that he double billed taxpayers and congressional district was billed eight times and possibly more. taxpayer money was never misused but there could have been some mistakes. reporting live ktvu channel 2 news. well a right wing extremist is responsible for killing and
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he told a court he deserves a medal of honor and deserves to be set free. reading from prepared remarks he told the court that the massacre back in july of last year was a strike against traders and he said they are using immigration to promote islamic column columnization. a killing in tucson, a judge will determine whether kyle loughner is competent to stand trial but they are determined he is not competent. he is accused of killing six people and wounding congresswoman gabrielle
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giffords last july. they are looking for the vandal responsible of disturbing crimes. they say the person is responsible for hitting both homes and cars and there is concerns obviously somebody could get hurt if that person is not stopped. if you have any information call the city police right away. firefighters spent the night keeping an eye on a smoldering ruin in mayor island. the fire started 10:00 yesterday morning in a 150,000 foot square structure. the warehouse was away from other structures so firefighters were able to douse the fire. homeless people sometimes stayed in that warehouse and a camp fire may have caused it. once again the nfl is apologizing for the super bowl half-time show and this time it
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was not for a wardrobe malfunction. the british singer flipped the bird during give me all your loving and if you missed it, there it is. the league issued an apology to the 10 million viewers who may have seen that obscene gesture. sal? yes, dave and pam, we are doing well, there are some spots that will start getting your attention, for example, the bay bridge, we are getting more of a backup especially in the cash lanes. if you are driving, it does look good on the way to the city. this is interstate 880 getting more crowded and still without any accidents or stalled vehicles reported. and this morning, we still have that unusual situation on farm hill road in all the lanes
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northbound. it must be a broken pipe so far not a huge traffic jam but we could use 880 this morning. we do have increasing clouds and there are a few breaks, 30s and 40s and 50s on the temperatures. systems are coming in and by this time tomorrow, we might be talking about good winds and you can see 30s for many here. so the question is will the rain also be with this system and i think it will be. increasing clouds today, you can see a few breaks and it is going to get cloudy later on today and it is a mile system, still developing still holding on, 30s and 40s and 46 san jose
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and concord and a breeze in advance of that system giving us rain tomorrow. kind of a mild afternoon due to that south/southeast winds mid- to-upper 60s and 70s with a little bit of sunshine and that cloud cover, mild temperatures and we will have rain tonight, taking it into tuesday morning, by tuesday it should be gone, wednesday it clears out, with your weekend always in view it looks mostly sunny to partly summer. they are scheduled to meet and work out details of the latest pail out money for freeze. its leaders have a opposed every step that would cut spending. greece will not get it's next bailout and without the money greece is likely to go into
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bankruptcy next month. hasbro has done better than expected and the maker of my little pony brand did meet analyst forecast. last week's rival reported strong holiday demands for its toys especially barbie. coming up, a bizarre story, it happened in the driveway, a car hit a woman and nobody was behind the wheel. a life saving surgery, the reason it is being stopped and they are trying to make it happen. good morning, traffic is moving well heading into the south bay. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. ♪
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[ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal: to get you where you're going. that's why we make it easy to fly nationwide. book now at . 6:24 let's go back to the desk. pretty tense moments, a truck crashed into a building and burst into flames. it happened yesterday morning at international and havens court boulevard. everyone got out safely and
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firefighters put the flames out in a couple of minutes. the driver of the truck ran away but was later arrested by oakland police. they are investigating the death of a woman which happened right outside her home on pembroke drive. she was standing in her driveway when a car started rolling backwards, she tried to stop it but it ran over her and trapped her underneath and she later died. a man who has waited years for a transplant is now at the top of the list. jesus is and undocumented worker and he is not eligible for medicare which needs after care surgery and he has no way of paying for that himself.
6:26 am
an advocate says he should perform the operation because it is the right thing to do. >> he has paid his taxes, he did everything he was supposed to do. >> a website has been set up to help him and so far $400 has been raised. and the statement says in part, these patients are not refused treatment and rather we help them with specific access to care hurdles faced by none citizens. while they resolve those problems they remain on the weighting list. we will talk about recent hate crimes and it comes about a week after police released this sketch. it shows one man who hit a man with a technical teal bottle
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and it is to bring awareness to the seriousness of hate crimes. they go before the supervisors tomorrow. chain pharmacies are already ban from providing single use plastic bags. under the proposal, the bag ban will be extended to all retail and food merchants and will require stores to charge customers a 10-cent fee for reusable or check out bags. fans got real angry after the team lost to the super bowl. we will show you the lengths the police had to go to control that rowdy crowd. police are still out here on the scene of an overnight shooting, i will bring you the latest coming up. and pam will print you the early stock numbers.
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. they are getting ready to get the opening bell and tens of thousands of jewish people back in world war ii, they are honoring him there, there is the opening bell live, we have a few stocks to watch, including a very hot ipo, we will talk about all of that coming up. >> and we will smile and say good morning, it is monday february 5th, i am dave clark. >> time now is 6:30. overnight clues, police are searching for clues at the scene of a deadly shooting.
6:31 am
live in san jose and here is more on what we know about the suspects. >> reporter: officers have been out here for more than eight hours and officers will not let us get too close and they are back here in this complex. we have very limited information but here is what we do know. officers got a call of shots fired, a block from the avenue. the shooting happened in the interior of this complex. he died from his injuries and his identitity is being withheld as police are notifying his family. police are looking for multiple people involved in the shooting and investigators say those leaving the scene ran in separate directions and officers do not have a motive at this time and crime stoppers
6:32 am
is offering a reward also. there is a crime scene van out here and it has been out here a little more than eight hours and people are starting to wake up so if we can talk to somebody and if they have seen anything, of course we will let you know how it develops. 6:31 police crews are trying to cap off a flood. this is what it was like shortly after midnight. a small river gushing into the streets after that water-main broke. the water did not damage any homes we are told. the crews have been out there trying to fix the water main and clean up all the mess. they may be out there for several more hours. chp is investigating this
6:33 am
fiery crash which happened near highway 84. a speeding car burst into flames after rolling over several times. that crash shut down the freeway for a while and both the freeway and passenger refused medical treatment at the scene and no other cars were involved. in just about two hours from now, occupied protesters are expected to gather again. allie rasmus has more on what the protesters are angry about. allie? >> reporter: protesters are sue supposed to gather here -- are supposed to gather here and the plan is to pack the courtroom to support some of the fellow protesters who were arrested last saturday. some of them have court dates apparently scheduled today. it was january 28th where 400
6:34 am
people were arrested during an occupied demonstration. a group tried to take over a vacant building at the old keizer convention center. that is when police used tear gas to control the raid. they called for a day of action to protest what they say was being a he is a sufficient police force. there is a full day planned at frank ogawa plaza at noon and then they will march back to the courthouse this afternoon something to keep in mind if you live and work in the downtown area. also around noon, a group that called itself, stand for oakland, they are made up of residents and they also plan to have what they are calling a silent rally to counterprotests and occupied oakland
6:35 am
demonstrations. ktvu channel 2 news. u.s. police are keeping what is left after saturday's early morning raids. they are making sure protesters do not have any bedding or cooking equipment. they took 11 people into custody since saturday's crackdown began. and he is losing his 2010 tour defrance victory after being found guilty of doping. the high of the court made the ruling in switzerland. along with losing his title. he is facing a two year ban from the sport, however it is possible he can return to cycling in august. the court denies any wrongdoing and he said a piece of stake he ate led to the first doping
6:36 am
reading. now finishing in up yap less. that long tame tame pass, they fell 21-17 and eli manning led a touchdown to put his team ahead. there was that manning was named super bowl mvp. thousands of fans poured into the streets and this is what it looked like in brooklyn after the giants pulled off the win. this is their second super bowl since 2008. it was a very different scene in massachusetts when new england patriots lost. yes, police in riot gear was trying to break up this crowd
6:37 am
of 1,500 students. police also used their police horses and nonlethal ammunition to control the crowd. at least 14 people were arrested. no major injuries or property damage was reported. at least 13 people are dead after a strong earthquake struck the philippines. it hit last night in the central part of the country about 400 miles away from the capital city of manila. size moll gifts breathily issued a tune a all right. they will put 19 americans and 2 dozen other employees of nonprofit groups on trial. it includes sam la hood. they are accused of using foreign finance fansing.
6:38 am
it will hold 1.5 billion if charges against the americans are not dropped. well here in the bay area, syrian americans are showing their outrage at russia. coming up at 6:45 what russia did to spark this international anger plus the move the united states just made against the country this morning. we want to go back over to sal to check in on traffic, what are you keeping an eye on, sal? well this time we are starting off with east bay traffic. stating off at the bay bridge plaza. if you are driving on to the bridge traffic will be okay coming into san francisco. also the commute looks good if you are driving and we'll see
6:39 am
some stop and did traffic approaching 101 in sunny veil. we have some sort of water problem near farm hill road. this is water in one of the lanes on the peninsular. let's go to steve. monday morning, we have mostly cloudy skies, san jose, san francisco, out to sacramento, mostly cloudy and a lot is high clouds but a bigger ban is starting to move on shore. we will be getting increasing clouds that will produce rain, yes right there. now updated information will be in about the next six minutes. and i should have updated information the wind is turning easterly. 36-52, cloudy and breezily the
6:40 am
system is inching closer. and maybe there is an inch to a half inch of rain and when it is dry you are nervous but the system will come in and split after it goes through us. so increasing clouds and it is a mild to warm system and coming up from the south, southwest, wind is picking up and some of the higher elevations could get one to two. concord fairfield and a lot of low-to-mid 40s also mountain view and hayward. there is our system right there. so far it is developing. let's hope it holds together. rather blustery by tomorrow morning and it looks like one and done. that will be it for the rest of
6:41 am
the week. novato san rafael 65 degrees, pleasanton, even redwood city, los gatos, santa cruz with a strong southeast wind developing. rain is out of hereby wednesday and friday looks good and with your extended outlook it should be mostly sunny to partly cloudy. a house explodes and police say it was all planned, a father and two sons were killed. the e-mail that was sent before that blast. deadly gunfire just hours ago. good morning, westbound traffic is going to the tunnel although there is something on the shoulder and we will tell you more about the morning
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories, san jose police are investigating a fatal shooting, a 21-year-old was found fat tally shot, no
6:45 am
arrests have been made. today's demonstration begins at 8:00 this morning at the county courthouse and a noontime rally follows at frank ogawa plaza and at 1:00 p.m. they return to the courthouse. they are focusing on tree states with contests in minnesota, colorado and missouri. this is after mitt romney won caucuses in nevada on said. >> police in oakland are investigating a series of shootings and a fatal shooting happened just hours ago. tara moriarty has more. tara? >> reporter: they have confirmed 10 shootings in the past 24 hours so investigators are extremely busy and here here at the latest shooting on international boulevard. there is a patrol car and they are waiting on a search warrant for this home. right inside they have a person
6:46 am
they are calling of interest which happened at 1:30. with guns drawn, they are only calling him a person of interest at this point but a witness says he shot another man in the stomach and that victim died at a hospital. police have recovered a gun and right now as we mentioned officials are waiting on that search warrant. this shooting comes in the wake of a shootout that happened in west oakland and neighbors there are fed up with the violence. >> it is not a happy time... >> over this corner... >> reporter: several people were shot and they are expected to survive. two other shootings all of them with non-life threatening injuries that puts a tally of 10 people shot, one killed
6:47 am
within 24 hours and we just noticed somebody from the alameda county coroner's office, we will keep you posted and coming up, we will tell you how police figured out there was a shooting to begin with coming up later in our show. live in oakland, i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. a seattle area man, josh powell suspected in his wife's disappearance deliberately blew up his house and his two young sons. a social worker brought the boys to powell's home yesterday for a super advised visit. he allowed his sons inside and blocked the social worker. she called in a report and moments later an explosion happened and they saw an e-mail come moments later saying, i'm
6:48 am
sorry, goodbye. they are leading the u.s. to shut down and remove staff. the shut down comes after antigovernment protests and syrian troops are selling neighbors. they are denying any shelling is taking place and the shelling has killed 12 people today. >> free, syria. >> syrian americans here in the bay area, protested outside the consulate, they are angry they right towed -- vetoed, calling for the president to step down. and the syrian american council organized the protest, we have not been able to reach anybody for comment. time now 6:48 the sheriff for sheriff ross mirkarimi, and
6:49 am
eliana lopez, her husband is getting ready for domestic violence abuse charges. and if you are driving on westbound bay bridge, it is backed up and more slowed traffic waiting at the metering lights. and in san francisco, to the airport area, it is an unexpected surprise, 280 there is still a problem near farm hill boulevard because of flooding in that area and the morning commute again on 237, it is still slow as you cross 880, still slow as you drive closer to 101. 6:49 let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, things will be
6:50 am
okay. tomorrow morning we are looking for rain but the system comes in later than sooner and we are sure showing signs. it looks like rain but today mostly cloudy and we will have increasing clouds, 30s, 40s and 50s, mid-40s for many, santa rosa, but if it was not for a puff of a breeze, napa will be cooler than that. indicated out by stockton, i expect it to be out there in fact some higher elevations are showing at 20 miles per hour. i will get out of way, it continues to hold together and let's just hope. i am getting ready for arraign dance. -- a rain dance. it is coming from a warmer source and it's not a cold source. up to two inches of rain,
6:51 am
breezy and mild, rain tonight, more likely tomorrow morning. rain tonight, i am leaning more towards the morning hours. the system will split and go to southern california. and again if it splits before, all bets are off. morning rain will give way to clearing. highs today with a southeast wind mild upper 60s for some, low-to-mid 60s, redwood city, palo alto, all around 66 same for pleasanton, danville, clouds increase, we will have mostly cloudy skies clearing out on wednesday, thursday and friday look good, partly cloudy skies as we head to the weekend. oil industry analysts propose we will be paying $4.50
6:52 am
per gallon. the transition to summer formula also adds to the cost but increased tension in the middle east is forcing the prices up again. and this year consulters are expected to spend $16.5 billion and they will spend the most on jewelry and that's a half billion more than last year. time now 6:52 another bay area educator in trouble with the law on the peninsular. and food truck vendors have laws they will have to follow now in alameda. 'ñ cn
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
. nasdaq is down 41 points and on the pending ipo facebook and tebow is up 3%. the article says it's a good candidate for a take over. teachers on administrative leave after suspicion of abusing two students. the 44-year-old teacher turned herself in saturday and is
6:56 am
accused of physically abusing two, four-year-old boys at the elementary school. accused of hazing a fellow marine who later committed suicide. harry will you shot himself last -- harry lou shot himself. they wanted to punish him for falling asleep on watch duty. one marine was sentenced to 30 days in jail. they are being told to be on the lookout for a mountain lion. it happened near alpine road in an unincorporated area and as always you are told never to approach a mountain lion. this is at the sonoma county leaders raising their rent, the county has been
6:57 am
getting a 1 $56,000 break. and the new rules will level the playing fields. under the rules they will have to get spent permits and follow safety regulations and pay the same types of taxes as restaurants. sal has breaking news in oakland, let's go right over there. >> there is a building damaged in oakland. all of a sudden, the facility said came -- facade came down and these are pictures of the area. we are trying to figure out what went wrong and there are some reports there could have been some explosion but that has not been confirmed. that is 13th avenue near national boulevard and we know
6:58 am
the brick building facade came down. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 880 split, let's go to steve. >> 30s 40s and 50s we will end up with highs on the mild side, breezy with 60s mid-to-upper. and occupied oakland protesters have declared this a day of action. and the superstar comes up short in the super bowl, stay right here with us. [ male announcer ] this is big.
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